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My name is Keilani.
As an experience designer, I craft immersive experiences by way of compassionate design.
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Design is for humans, not problems. My approach involves finding shared humanity and connecting with the people I design for.


*Born in Guam - Hafa Adai! - Raised in Richmond, Virginia - HEY-O! 

played drums for about 9 years

*My greatest passions are cooking and music : a synthesis of my parents' favorite pastimes. Thanks for the chops ?


*For 3 years in college, I was the beatboxer for an a capella group

*My nom de plume is Lani Rose. My brother coined it for absolutely no reason when I was about 4

*I fell in love with experience design when I received my first cherry lollipop via pneumatic tube at the bank in the 90s

Drums belong everywhere. Chop it up right here!

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